Insulting an employee can cost you more than losing a customer

The pain caused by insults can cause a serious organizational ailment: decreased employee participation in business productivity. Insults inflicted on any employee may not show an instant reaction, however, it may leave a permanent scar in the mind of the employee that may lower down his rate of productivity & participation. At subconscious level, insults have direct effect on the brain that may lead an employee to lose his connection with the organization.

If customer is God, an employee is not a dog!

Among all the resources of an organization, human resource is the most important one that complements all other resources. Yet the most neglected one. It may be an acute mistake to treat the employee badly, thinking, to be alive it’s his only option to work here; there are hundreds of examples of many successful persons who have firstly quit their jobs. Like customers are attracted towards a promising business likewise, a qualified & talented employee may also get attracted to or switch to a promising business organization. If without customers there is no business, imagine running your business without employees. If without customers there is no profit making, imagine making profits without employees. It is your employees who hold on to the customers, who serve them & who maintain relationships with them. The better you treat your employees, the better they will treat your customers.

 Don’t lose a Permanent employee for a temporary customer

A customer can switch at anytime, as there are hundreds of businesses providing exactly the same services as you. The loyalty of a customer is totally un-predictable, however, the degree of loyalty of an employee is quiet high. Good working condition, proper work distribution, rewards & recognition is all an employee needs to sell his faithfulness to the organization. Insulting the same employee in front of or due to some client or customer may risk you at the verge of losing the former one, when the chances of the stay of the latter one is also not guaranteed.

Don’t Misunderstand insult for discipline

My aim is not to make you lenient, in contrary being a strict boss guarantees more success than anything. The point is, to be able to differentiate between reprimand & insult. When an employee fails at achieving target or fails at entertaining a customer, then instead of a rough approach the manager could use a benign approach to fix the employee. Instead of acting backhanded, the manager must use leadership skill to listen to the employee’s point of failure, and must guide him through to solve the issue. A leader leads not dictates. This will not only boost the morale of the employee, but will also bring a sense of belongingness, that will further lower the chances of his failure. A blatant and backhanded rough talk can make an employee totally miserable, can derail him from his performance. A properly structured office routine, well defined task, clarity & coverage in training, unbiased distribution of work, inception of ethical work culture, creates a disciplined organizational environment

A boss and a janitor everyone has a dignity

Run your business with ethics & values that creates a dignified environment for work. Respect is a value that creates wonders in the business organization. Respect has the power to tremendously increase one’s efficiency towards work. Respect charges the brain cells that brings overall increase in the performance of our brain & body. The more respectful the environment will be the higher the morale of your employees will rise. It is important to maintain strict standard of working made of respect, trust, open mindedness, accountability, friendliness & kindness. As morale brings integrity, responsibility & quality,  the better the morale of the employees the higher the profitability of the business.

Sarcasm is Un-professional

Professionalism is not an excuse for being sarcastic, actually it is a trait of practicality & flexibility oriented towards achieving profitability. Profitability is absolutely impossible to achieve without a faithful & dedicated workforce. No doubt customers create wealth, but the wealth management lies on the shoulder of the employees. Sarcastic, blatant & backhanded manners of talk is completely unhealthy & un-professional.

Summing up the adverse effects of insults:-

  • Drains down the morale to work.
  • Destroys dedication.
  • Disturbs relations.
  • Increases absenteeism
  • Adversely affects productivity.

To avoid all these remember:

  • Never insult in front of the client or customer.
  • Maintain discipline.
  • Be strict but benign.
  • Maintain ethical standard of working.

The business that one potential employee could bring you during his entire work life, can possibly be far more than that one failure or that one client. A little investment of respect in your employees can generate a hundred thousands worth of business.



2 thoughts on “Insulting an employee can cost you more than losing a customer

  1. Very well written. An employer will do well to pay heed to the points enumerated. However employee – employer relationship must not be solely transactional but in a way that a mutual bond of trust and faith must develop.

    Nice blog. Cheers

    Liked by 1 person

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