Look at your soul, its darker than my skin

Cracks in your nobility is broader than my nose

I have become stronger

No longer afraid, of the threats that you pose.

Why are we ashamed of the way we look, of the tradition that we have to follow. We are being  pictured as victims. The reality behind this is that it is us who allow ourselves to be victimized. The irony is that the Adivasi and Dalit of India has allowed the so called Swaran class to influence our mind into thinking that we are by birth an underprivileged class of people. It is us who have allowed them to successfully manipulate us into thinking that we are not beautiful—that we are dark, broad nosed, ugly people who are way too simple to run with the so called main stream society that these alien Aryan people boost of creating in our home land. Most of us know that it were African origin people who spread across and inhabited various parts of the whole world. Point to be noted that it was black African (similar to an Adivasi!) starting human life on earth, not any white complexioned. Broad nose, dark skin, robust stretcher  are the attributes of the purely native people of India—the primitive Africans who came to India thousands of years before Portuguese or the British. Off course various developmental activities has been done by white skinned people but there many revolutionary activities carried out by black people as well that usually and intentionally does not gain much media attention.

We have being manipulated into believing that being a tribal person is an insult. When we do not feel insulted in availing out constitutional rights then why do we feel insulted admitting that we belong to reserved group of people?  We own the rights of a first born over this land. Know that we are being tricked into following those people who are the descendants of the invaders of our home land.

DECEIVING SUPERIORITY :  Until lately I myself wasn’t aware of an invisible yet evident distinction line that exists so shamefully between people. This distinction line is based on ethnic grounds. Actually I feel pitiful for them about their unawareness of their own foreign origin and their indifference behaving like an alien or a slave with the first born of this mother land. Please know what Adivasi actually means, in layman’s language, a heterogeneous set of ethnic and tribal group of people claimed to be aboriginals of India. Remember we are aboriginals and being aboriginal awards us with the right of the first born of this mother land—that we are so blatantly deprived of. We are being played to believe that we are being pitied over by those economically and educationally better groups when in reality they have made and retained their conditions sound by raiding us of our resources and depriving us of basic amenities like proper education, healthcare and roads at al. We are being induced with inferiority complex and then when given us with our constitutional rights they picture it as an act of mercy upon us!

Stop being a slave, enough of being a victim

Cry out, let them hear your scream

Before they cut your thumb, beat your drum

And shoot the arrow right at their forehead!

REALITY OF ORIGIN:  If we are the aborigines of India then the question arises who are these alien breed that came to India and mixed with us. Know that these are the very Swaran class people who conceitedly rule over the aborigines. They have tricked our ancestors and captured their rightful positions over land and lordships. These are the very Aryans who came from Western Europe who acquired our ancestral lands and pushed us either into slavery or to the farthest remote areas of the country. Just look around, most of us are in governmental jobs (naukari), unequipped agriculture or labor works.

BREAKING DOWN THE PROGRAMMING:  Agriculture has been privatized and most of the big agricultural market is being controlled by big businessmen, the village farmer (basically Adivasi and Dalit) can hardly earn for his own eating from his fields. The unequipped agriculture keeps him busy throughout the year but gives minimal returns. Apart from this there is Naukr-ri in the form of governmental services or labor work. They don’t want us to grow into thoughtful intelligent human lest we won’t do their naukr-ri. Rarely do our people become leaders because that position is reserved for the Brahmins of Swaran class, rarely do our people hold high positions in defense and like wise because the position is reserved for the Shatriyas, and our people rarely have establishments in business and other dealings because that is reserved for the Vashyas of the Swaran class, and the Shudras (including Dalit and Adivasi) are still carrying the shit of these upper classes upon their head, not literally but figuratively.

For us there are no other opportunities, if you examine closely, we are being programmed in to being and remaining slaves. The dominance, work pressure and load, biased treatment and intentionally tensed environment that they create for us is the modernized version of humiliation . I have myself experienced how even being in the same position they view us as inferior and would manipulate us into doing their work as if we are born a slave to them. Let me be very candid in revealing that these are the same people who use our females to satisfy their physical needs but boldly refuse to eat the food touched by them. I am in an anxious need to be clarified by these people that how can eating food defile their body but sleeping around with the same lower class does not defile their soul, blood or body. Unless we don’t stop it our self, it won’t stop by itself.  They won’t ever show this but know that flesh trafficking is a very serious issue among the Adivasis of Jashpur district of Chattisgarh.

GATHER THE ESTEEM: I myself am an Adivasi, Oraon by tribe, in my community born un identical to our clan people is a matter of pride. Really? You don’t want to look like your brothers or sisters, even your father and mother either. It’s a shame to take pride in looking similar to the offenders and manipulators of our ethnicity.

Marco Polo mentions in his travelogue, The Travel (Translated by R Latham and published by Penguin in 1958) – “For I assure you that the darkest man is here the most highly esteemed and considered better than others who are not so dark. Let me add that in very truth these people portray and depict their gods and their idols black and their devils white as snow.”


Remember he said ‘devil white as snow”


Respect your own genius. Do not make stupid imitation. Know your identity and peculiarity, have the guts to admit it.

You came to my land

I allowed you to take a stand

But you plundered and scattered me

I wanted brotherhood

But you never understood

We could have lived in harmony

But all you brought was




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